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34x stock images from juvenilecasualty.net

JuvenileCasualty.net Stock Images - JPEG format Note: These resources were found on JuvenileCasualty.net, but were hosted under Constellation.nu/spherical. It’s entirely possible that Eshita (Juvenile Casualty’s owner) had a subdomain at Constellation.nu at some point. The last image, scann34.jpeg, is a partially corrupt file meaning it was not archived/originally uploaded properly and may not load for some. (see more…)

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📅 May 7, 2023
8:30 pm

Salvaged.nu’s First Layout Challenge!

Brush off your old copy of Photoshop, we’re going in…

The Challenge
It’s a month of public holidays here, so what’s a better way to spend your days off work/school/college than staying inside on the computer making digital collages…? Since it’s the first challenge here at Salvaged.nu, we’re going to keep it simple – use whatever brushes, resources, stock images, textures, patterns, etc you like (bonus points if you can let me know which ones if you downloaded them from here) and make sure to use at least one of the images provided below. Good luck, and have fun! Let your dormant creative juices flow…
Entries close 31st May and a winner will be announced by 15th June.

Important Information

  • You must use at least one of the images provided, but you’re welcome to use your own or ones provided on the photographer’s Instagram
  • The images can be used as many or as few times as you like.
  • There isn’t a restriction on which program you can use: download the latest version of Photoshop’s free trial or boot up your ancient laptop with a copy of Paintshop Pro… or go IRL and print them off and do some old school analogue collage. Glitter glue not included.
  • Please email your entries to hey@salvaged.nu or direct message me on Instagram (@00sbloglayouts) before Midnight on Wednesday 31st May.

Images – You must use at least one in your layout/blend/digital collage or else your entry won’t count!

These images are of Pedro Pascal, Photographed by Christopher Schoonover for FLAUNT Magazine.

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📅 May 1, 2023
7:34 pm