Frequently Asked Questions

What is this place? is a website that hosts recovered Adobe Photoshop & Corel PaintShop Pro resources, available to download in .abr, .pspbrush, .jbr, and image pack format where available. These resources are taken from dead websites (‘dead’ being defined as not online or inactive; only accessible via digital archives, such as The Wayback Machine) that often hosted a personal weblog alongside visitor content. Known examples would be, and

Why ‘save’ resources?

These brushes, textures, patterns, and other miscellaneous resources were often one of a kind: handmade, unique, and reflected the creativity of the author. Their intention was to be used when making your own website layouts, often featuring celebrities or other prominent figures in distinct digital collages (Examples can be seen on our Instagram @00sbloglayouts). Resources such as these are few and far between now, often hiding behind monthly subscriptions or paywalls, with a distinct bitter commercial aftertaste.
With the web becoming more of a commercial, capitalist hellscape everyday, we wanted to save what resources we could in order to encourage this creativity to blossom again. We aim to inspire people to experiment making digital collage again, whether it be for their own artistic creations or their personal blog, and pay homage to the creative teenagers that made these resources over 15 years ago.

How do I use these resources?

You can use them whatever way you like – explore with different layer types for the textures & brushes! Cut, copy and paste sections! Print them out and play with them in real life! The possibilities are endless.
If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to download and install brushes, please see our page ‘How to Install Brushes’

I want to use some brushes/textures/etc on this site for my personal use and give credit where credit is due. Where do I link to?

Ideally, link to the original site using The Wayback Machine. On the page you downloaded the resource, the original website will be mentioned. Visit The Wayback Machine, enter the original website’s URL, and navigate to the period of time when the website was last active. Once you have found the website, make sure to copy the URL that includes the wayback website, it should look something like this:

For clarity, it might be best to phrase the credit link like this:
Brush credit to Google [accessed 01/12/2021] via

Example code template:
Resource credit to <a href="Wayback URL here" target="_blank">Original Website</a> [date accessed here] via <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I see my resources/name/old URL on this site and I want them removed.

Please contact us. In the case of removing resources, we will ask for proof that you own them.

Can I upload my resources to this site?

We do not allow users to directly upload resources. However, if you used to own a website that provided these resources and still have the files please contact us. Remember to include your old site’s URL so we can see what we can salvage from the archives.

Can I request some websites to be ‘salvaged’?

Chances are it’s already on our list! Feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can find.

Can I use these resources for commercial use?

A large, pastel, glittering ‘nope’

I’ve found a broken link or a link that doesn’t lead to the correct download.

Please contact us and let us know what page(s) you found the broken link(s) on.

How can I get involved in this project?

We appreciate your interest, however involvement is invite only and limited to friends.

Can I donate?

Thank you for wanting to donate! Below is the link to our Ko-fi.

Please also consider donating to our host who kindly hosts us for free.
Our domain was bought through Namecheap and costs £24.72 a year. All donations will go directly into funding our domain fee. Salvaged is run entirely on our free time and we do not accept nor have advertisements or any paid affiliation, so any donation is greatly appreciated.

I have a question that isn’t listed here.

Go ahead to our contact page and ask us any questions you may have!